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Planning & Budgeting in the Cloud

“Planning and forecasting application without the overhead of a ‘traditional’ in-house deployment”

The Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) is the first EPM cloud-based application that has been optimised for deployment in the Oracle Public Cloud* and released to customers in a Software as a Service model.  It supports driver-based planning to connect operational assumptions to financial outcomes by incorporating both corporate finance and the lines of business within an organisation.

* PBCS relies on the infrastructure of Oracle Public Cloud and will follow the release cycle of Oracle Public Cloud.

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Functionality includes:

  • All of the functional features of Oracle Hyperion Planning on-premise
  • All of the infrastructure, reporting and data management components (including web based & Microsoft office abilities)
  • Smart View and Hyperion Financial Reporting clients can be downloaded directly from PBCS; eliminating IT support requirements. These also integrate with MS Office.
  • Data integration for Oracle and third party sources – seamless loads of data and metadata with capabilities to drill back to the source information
  • Data Integration through FDMEE (Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management)
  • Calculation Manager was upgraded to include key rules management features located in EAS, removing the need to utilize EAS during a PBCS deployment

The optional planning modules (for example: Capital Asset Planning, Work Force Planning and Project Financial Planning) are not available in the cloud – yet!

Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service is priced on a per user/per month/per application basis with a minimum of 10 users.

Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service – Budgeting in the Cloud

Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service – eBook Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service - eBook

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  • You have the ability to scale up quickly to address future needs; where clients can install the application incrementally when required.

Easy access to Oracle Cloud through a web Interface: benefiting a distributed workforce.

Next Generation Planning & Budgeting:

  • Enterprise wide planning, budgeting and forecasting cycle times reduces by up to 90%
  • The use of visual and interactive analysis tool to create actionable reports; including what-if capabilities
  • Improved planning accuracy, reduced costs and faster results.

Who should consider Oracle Planning & Budgeting in the Cloud?

  • PBCS is ideal for start-up companies due to no infrastructure costs
  • Companies lacking a dedicated IT department to maintain an EPM environment and are looking for rapid deployment with no infrastructure costs/maintenance
  • Companies testing out a new idea and do not want to invest heavily on software, hardware or infrastructure
  • Existing Hyperion Planning customers can upgrade to PBCS to complement on-premise applications
  • Companies with a distributed workforce can deploy LoB applications in the cloud while maintaining some applications on-premise (Hybrid model).

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