Planning and Budgeting

Global recession, recovery and market unpredictability; along with a significant spreadsheet dependency; all make accurate planning and forecasting a challenging process.

Today, effective budgeting and planning needs to streamline the strategic, financial, and operational plans to achieve both the vertical and horizontal alignment to drive continuous business improvement.

Integral to the plan is budgeting; a flexible systematic process that incorporates all processes and acts as a control mechanism for business development.

Decision makers and managers must be able to collaborate with budget holders to optimize the planning process; with the ability to rapidly adapt to internal and external market changes ensuring plans are relevant and useful.

Reliance on spreadsheets is commonplace in financial planning; however is laden with risk and unsuitable for enterprise-wide planning and forecasting processes.

Reduce the heavy costs involved in the time assigned to the planning process and benefit from the control, workflow and automation of data, carry out what-if analysis and accurate calculations that planning solutions have to offer. Capitalise on opportunities, while minimising your risks.