ODI & Master Data Management

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ODI ensures data is uninterruptedly available, error-free, and up to date.

Today’s innovative companies are recognising that the key to empowering their business decisions is the ability to leverage their data and integrating it effectively in order to turn it into an asset.

In order to do so, decision-makers need timely, accurate information delivered in a useful format. This is becoming significantly more difficult due to the wide variety of data forms and sources. Data integration holds the key!

  • Do you need to consolidate your disparate data and move it from place to place so that it can be used by the appropriate application?
  • Are you maintaining a costly legacy IT environment in the fear of the risk of data migration and data quality during system upgrades?

Master Data Management (MDM) is not a new problem.

Complying with new reporting regulations (such as Basel II) and the increased interest in performance management, companies requires consistent master data across an organisation.

Master Data Management incorporates the people, processes, standards, and technology in ensuring the reliability and usage of data throughout the organisation and across business processes; where often data consistency, integrity, quality and accuracy suffer.

For example, different departmental views of financial reference data are often misaligned, resulting in financial compliance risks and varying financial measures, intensive closing procedures, and misused time researching and reconciling inconsistencies.

The Challenge

Organisations often struggle between the need for flexibility (supporting specialised departmental reporting requirements) and the need for financial data consistency.