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Enterprise Resource Planning is a method of improving the organisation of a company through the use of applications with Dynamics AX.

Instead of each department maintained and controlled separately, resulting in a steady flow of communication being stunted, all aspects of a business can be managed under the same categorised structures to be used by all of the necessary people.

The main processes of a business that benefit from an ERP System are efficient data collection resulting in highly analytical results. This can then lead to improvements throughout the company in areas such as marketing, sales, manufacturing and general management. Businesses run like a well-oiled machine with the implementation of ERP Solutions.

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The benefits of an ERP system, specifically ERP solutions, are numerous:

  • Management – the smooth running of a company relies on the efficiency of its management. Aspects such as business intelligence and reporting allow managers to see forecasted data leading to improved decision making and organisational skills.
  • Budgeting – departments such as Finance and Sales will operate more effectively with predictive information. The cost of running a business can decrease immensely with the implementation of valuable ERP systems while revenue can increase due to the vast improvements.
  • Marketing – preferences of clients and customers can be analysed intensively enabling adjustments to productivity aimed at specific trends.
  • Time – with each department in constant communication, productivity is faster and more effective. Transaction can be made quickly and performances monitored in detail.
  • Competitive Edge – through gaining forecasted insights into your current operations, along with the analysis of your competitor’s data, you will have an advantage within your industry.