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Salesforce Automation

Customer relationship management (CRM) software has become an essential element of the IT arsenal of businesses of all shapes and sizes. Different businesses follow different CRM implementations. There are many different Customer Relationship System Vendors who sell CRM applications to business to make their organization more customer centric.

The following are a few examples of the way in which CRM has solved an important business issue.

CRM for Sales

  • CRM provides the sales tools that help make the internal processes simpler and easier so your sales force can focus on what is important—creating a differentiated experience for your customers.
  • CRM helps sales teams become prepared and insightful, collaborative and connected, quick and mobile, and highly productive.
  • Give your mobile workers access to real-time customer and partner information for more impactful engagements.
  • Facilitate real-time sales collaboration with integrated presence, web conferencing, and IM capabilities.
  • Shorten sales cycles with a guided sales process and a modern, thoughtful experience that is easy to use.

CRM for Multi-division Businesses

  • Large businesses with multiple product divisions sometimes have single clients that buy products across the company. However with separate sales and support teams for each division, client data is entered over and over by different teams and one particular sales team may have no idea as to what other purchases the client may have made.
  • A CRM solution with a centralised database allows everyone in the company to access all available data on a particular customer which enhances cross-selling opportunities, reduces repetition and allows for a more informed sales and support team.

CRM for Workflow Optimisation

  • Firms that sell products with an extensive order and delivery workflow, frequently need access to client data at different points in the fulfilment process.
  • If the client’s data is in a number of discreet places, considerable time will be wasted trying to find details on different aspects of the order.
  • A centralised CRM solution focused on workflow optimisation gives everyone access to the complete order details such as seating specification which reduces any errors or delays in the fulfilment process.

CRM for Marketing automation

  • Perhaps the quintessential role of CRM software is to make it easier to market to existing and prospective customers.
  • There are different services offered in relation to marketing with CRM systems such as e-commerce, advertising and social media management.
  • Customer preferences and past results are recorded on a single database in order to be presented and analysed for future sales.

CRM for Management Reporting

  • Adding up monthly sales figures and analysing which products are best sellers can be tricky when the source data consists of a mountain of invoices and order forms.
  • With CRM systems specifically aimed at management, such tasks as reporting and delegation of workload can be much more efficient than before. The accumulation of figures from sales can take great lengths to collect, process and analyze so it is imperative that reports can be made automatically without management having to extract the data themselves.

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