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Oracle Hyperion Essbase OLAP Server

‘In August 2005, Information Age magazine named Oracle Essbase as one of the 10 most influential technology innovations of the previous 10 years’

The advantages of Business Intelligence is knowing what happened in your past; but also facilitates the use of predictive analytics and what-if scenario modelling to accurately forecast on your organisational future.

Are your business users still relying on multiple spreadsheets and ad hoc query tools analysing data? What happens when you want to query 3 dimensions (such as time, region and product)? It becomes very difficult to maintain spreadsheets that correctly represent these multi-dimensional values.

Oracle Hyperion Essbase software is an ideal replacement of spreadsheets and will help business users to quickly model their multifaceted business scenarios. Essbase provides a rich platform upon which to build custom analytic and enterprise performance management applications.

What is It?

Oracle Hyperion Essbase is the most advanced, fastest, high performance calculation engine on the market. It can be securely integrated with a myriad of data sources, and with information being delivered through a suite of reporting options, satisfies all enterprise level needs.

How Does It Work?

Hyperion Essbase is a multidimensional database management system which provides a data store for an unlimited number of dimensions (with multiple levels of detail), within a multi-dimensional “hypercube”.

Storage Options:

  • Essbase Analytics: Essbase arranges data to represent the hypercube into “blocks” for each dimension, where each block is large enough to store every possible cell/array of this dimension (block storage). This storage option minimises the amount of physical memory and disk space required to represent large multidimensional spaces.
  • Enterprise Analytics: Following a data load, Essbase does not store any aggregate values, but calculates them on demand; however the cube cant be treated for calculation purposes as a single large hypercube, because aggregate values cannot be directly controlled

What Does It Do / Benefits?

The Hyperion Essbase server manages analytical data models, data storage, calculations, and data security. You can define security for individuals and groups and customize views and retrieval procedures for each user without programming.

Designed specifically for business users, there are more than 350 pre-built, out-of-the-box functions that accelerate complex business model development. It can manage scenario planning and what-if analytical modeling, supports trend analysis, forecasting, root cause identification and allocations; for both custom and packaged applications.

Additionally, the simplicity of Essbase encompasses business rules and data management in one single interface.

No other software based solution can process straightforward aggregations or complex cross-dimensional allocations with the same performance and speed of Essbase.

Codec skill set includes

  • Outline Building
  • Data Load Rules
  • Calculation Scripts
  • Essbase SQL Interface
  • Essbase Report Writer
  • Essbase Partitioning
  • Essbase Excel Add-In
  • Essbase API
  • Essbase Migrations And Upgrades.
  • Essbase Partitioning.
  • Essbase Database Tuning.
  • Essbase Data Integration.
  • Essbase Security (user access, filters etc.)
  • Essbase Batch processing (Esscmd and MAXL)

Please find below a sample of delivered applications by Codec:  

Industry Applications
Retail\CPG\Manu Budgeting Systems, Sales Reporting and Forecasting
Transportation Budgeting, Marketing Analysis, Business Planning
Finance\Ins Budgeting and Planning, EIS, Customer Profitability, Forecasting, Reporting
Telecoms\Media Board Reporting, Budgeting, Regulatory Reporting, Profitability, Costing
Utility\Energy MIS, Energy Trading and Regulation


Oracle Essbase Specialized Partner - Codec UK

Our Hyperion Essbase Implementation service can be adapted to your organisation’s deliverables and with 30 years’ experience, Codec is well positioned to assist you for all phases for your system implementation; such as:

      • Review of existing OLAP database
      • Hyperion Essbase implementation
      • Migration and upgrade (upgrade from existing OLAP database to Essbase)
      • Essbase data integration or database tuning
      • Application re-design and optimisation
      • Maintenance (data, outline & metadata updates, calculation and application maintenance).
      • Database backup processes

Our Hyperion consulting team has over 40+ consultants across the UK, Ireland, Poland and Germany to give you a better solution that can fulfil all your business needs.

If you need more information on Oracle Business Intelligence Solutions or would like to arrange a consultation, please feel free to email or call us on +44 (0) 207 8732 198

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