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Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)

Finance executives often find that they have to make decisions based on half-finished, inaccurate information. This results in the inability to monitor critical performance indicators of a business in order to spot trends and exceptions.

At its core, OBIEE provides the capabilities for self-service ad hoc query analysis, producing real-time insight in a single ‘master’ view presentation of which business users can analyse.

  • OBIEE’s BI Server is a unified, highly scalable, enterprise business model which integrates with your current IT environment and incorporates all data sources.
  • The BI Presentation Layer is made up of data visualisation tools such as:–
    • BI Answers (formulate ad hoc queries),
    • BI Interactive Dashboard (repeat queries),
    • Hyperion Web Analysis produces OLAP analysis, presentation and reporting capabilities,
    • Microsoft Office plug-in to integrate with PowerPoint, Word and Excel;
    • Enterprise Reporting
    • BI Publisher
    • BI Delivers encompassing business activity monitoring, notifications and alerts
    • Hyperion Interactive Reporting
    • Hyperion Financial Reporting
    • Hyperion SQR Production Reporting
    • Workflows
  • Data Source: integrates data from multiple relational, unstructured, OLAP and pre-packaged sources, whether Oracle or non-Oracle.


  • Reduce cost and increase productivity with a comprehensive BI functionality including common enterprise business model, interactive dashboards, Full ad hoc queries and analysis, Online analytical processing (OLAP) analysis and presentation.
  • Increase user adoption  where all levels of the organisation can see information optimised for their role.
  • Integration with any data source, extraction, transformation and load (ETL) tool, major business application, application server, security infrastructure, portal technology, or any other front-end and analytical tools.
  • Scalable: The integrated systems management tool provides scalability, high availability, and security benefits.



Oracle Business Intelligence - Codec UK

For the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and highest return on investment (ROI), choose OBIEE.

If you need more information on Oracle Business Intelligence Solutions or would like to arrange a consultation, please feel free to email or call us on +44 (0) 207 8732 198

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