Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence has different meanings to many people, it can be made more complicated than it actually is; for Codec it is simple.

Our priority when delivering Business Intelligence solutions is to enable our customers to make better decisions faster bringing value to the business at the lowest cost.

Business Intelligence is neither a product nor a system. It is a combination of architecture, applications and databases which enable real-time, interactive access, analysis, and manipulation of information, providing the business community with easy access to business data.

At Codec we believe that Business Intelligence must become the single source for both financial and operational decisions; not only providing the answers to facilitate profitable growth; but also provide actionable insight into everything that impact operational processes (both real-time and historical).

We have been empowering our customers to make better decisions since 1986 and are an Oracle Business Intelligence specialised Gold Partner. With the largest local, experienced team we have been recognised for many years as the market leaders in business reporting solutions.

Let us help you to:

  • Gain significant Return on Investment
  • Deploy a cost effective and easy to use BI system to ensure minimum Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

By giving this valuable insight, BI helps decision-makers make more informed decisions and supplies end-users with critical business information on their customers, including information on behaviours and trends.

What are the challenges facing your business?

  • Are you wasting valuable IT resources searching for data?
  • Does your company need to unify information from a myriad of source systems (structured and unstructured) into a single organisational view?
  • Is there a lack of visibility into your company’s operations, finances, marketing campaigns and sales?
  • Is your organisation suffering from spreadsheet hell – disparate silos of information which are highly prone to error?
  • Does your business have access to a 360-degree view of business data quickly, efficiently within a familiar user interface?
  • Do your business users access, share and collaborate with data from a central location?
  • Is your business struggling to get an accurate view of performance and opportunities at a more granular level?
  • Does your company’s current IT environment grow as your business grows?