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Oracle Endeca Information Discovery for Big Data

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery is a data discovery platform enabling organisations to extend their existing business analytics investment to unstructured sources for real-time exploration and analysis of data.

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery consists of three major components: Endeca Server, Studio, and Integrator.

  • Endeca Server: a unique hybrid search/analytical database designed for enabling interactive exploration and analysis of diverse and unstructured data; specifically optimized for discovery. It supports navigation, ad-hoc search, and analysis of any kind of information (structured, semi-structured, and unstructured content).
  • Studio: the web application that serves as the user interface for business analysts to quickly assemble interactive component-based applications and for end users to explore and analyze data.
  • Oracle Data Integrator: ETL tool that loads structured and unstructured source data into Endeca Server

The core use case for Oracle Endeca Information Discovery is in supporting a users’ need to better understand inputs beyond structured content to unstructured sources.

Data Types:

  • Unstructured data has no pre-defined data model and/or does not fit well into relational tables; for example social media content, emails, blogs and web content.
  • Structured data can be organised and is easily identifiable as it has been traditionally captured / stored by ERP systems.

The key value/differentiator of Oracle Endeca is its flexible, self-describing data model; where unified schemas do not have to be defined before loading & analysing data. Endeca integrates structured and unstructured data from inside or beyond the data warehouse using the flexible data model and dynamics metadata layer (View Layer). This incorporates business definitions from your existing BI tools, producing valuable qualitative insights which supports quantitative results. It does so through a text enrichment & sentiment analysis process; deriving structure from unstructured text and applying algorisms to extract sentiment and concepts from this data.

Endeca Architecture

Endeca is built using in-memory architecture leveraging Oracles engineered systems (Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine) to deliver real time performance. By integrating an index-based search engine (for advanced search capabilities) and column-oriented in-memory analytical database in a single architecture; Endeca derives valuable insight across any combination of structured and unstructured data.

This fact, as well as the capability for drag-and-drop application creation; where interactive user interface withdrag-and-drop authorisation allows users to quickly assembling enterprise-class discovery applications.

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