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Big data is datasets that surpass the processing capacity of conventional database systems.

More than 80 percent of enterprise information exists as unstructured data beyond the reach of traditional BI environments. This data is either too big, too fast or in the wrong structure of a database architecture.

Are you verwhelmed by data from diverse sources such as websites, social media, connected media, external databases and more? Want to visually view this unstructured data to drastically improve processes, interactions and business performance?

If this is you – harness the value of Big Data by releasing new insights using a visualization tool created specifically for Big Data.

Big Data exploits 100% of relevant information. Big Data incorporates billions of rows of data in seconds (data at rest and data in motion) and automatically create data visualizations that result in faster, precise decision making, capturing opportunities and tackling complex problems that could not previously be solved.

Big data = Big Return on Investment (ROI).

Big data and analytics capabilities include:

  • Big Data Analytics: gain value from both structured and unstructured data through rich visualisations, flexible exploration and predictive analytics.
  • Data Management & Scaling your Datawarehouse: Gain extreme speed with big data capabilities optimised for workflow- analytics, that can be up and running in hours. Performance across multiple workloads will be significantly enhanced, while lowering development, server, administration, and storage costs
  • Hadoop Integration: it is important to consider Hadoop within the framework of a complete big data strategy. Release the power of Apache Hadoop with application accelerators, analytics, visualization, development tools, performance and security features. With Hadoop integration you can avoid costly upgrades of current databases and data warehouse appliances when their capacity is being used up too quickly with raw, unused data and extract-load-transform processing.
  • Real-time Computing: Deliver real-time descriptive and predictive analytic processing of data at rest and data in motion; to support real-time faster decisions.
  • Information Integration & Governance: Build assurance in big data with the capability to integrate, understand, manage and govern data appropriately.

Gain a 360º view of your customer through big data exploration. Codec has the technology and the expertise to apply big data solutions in a way that addresses your specific business problems and delivers rapid return on investment;