Oracle Data Integrator 11g Training

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Oracle Data Integration Training

Oracle Data Integration Training

Oracle Data Integration Training 

1          ODI Overview

2          ODI Architecture

3          Topology Manager

3.1        What is a Topology?

3.2        Creating the Physical Architecture

3.3        Creating the Logical Architecture

3.4        Creating a Context

4          Knowledge Modules

4.1        What are Knowledge Modules?

4.2        Types of Knowledge Modules

4.3        What are Knowledge Modules Used For?

5          Designer

5.1        What is Designer?

6          Models

6.1        What is a Model?

6.2        Creating a Model

6.3        Reverse Engineering a Model

6.4        Creating a Datastore

6.5        Editing a Datastore

7          Projects

7.1        What is a Project?

7.2        Creating a new Project

7.3        Creating/Editing a Package

7.4        Creating/Editing an Interface

7.5        Creating/Editing a Procedure

7.6        Creating/Editing a Scenario

7.7        Knowledge Transfer

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