System Audit

Codec provides the following system audits:

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Do you require assurance that your IT systems are adequately protected, provide reliable information to users, and are properly managed to achieve their intended benefits?

Innovative organisations significantly invest in their IT environment in order to avail of the many benefits IT brings to their operations and services.

Today, organisations face the challenge of how to best use this technology efficiently to meet increasing workloads. In addition, stakeholders are concerned about internal system continuity and availability, system modernization efforts, IT service delivery, and IT strategic planning and management of IT investments.

Information Systems audits examine the management controls within an IT infrastructure which are crucial to:

  • Ensure systems remain secure and are adequately protected,
  • Evaluate the reliability and accountability of data from IT systems which impact on the organisations financial statements.
  • Determine the level of compliance with the applicable laws, policies and standards in relation to IT.
  • Identify instances of surplus inefficiency in relation to waste in the use and management of IT systems.
  • Verify overall operation efficiency to achieve organisational objectives.

Maximise the potential of your applications and create an environment that is optimised to serve and facilitate business processes efficiently.