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Codec-dss provide customised outsourcing services for the design, build, maintenance and re-engineering of IT solutions:

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Many organisations outsource their complete solution rather than performing certain tasks internally; enabling them to concentrate on core business processes and to control costs in terms of resource utilisation.

Advantages of Outsourcing:

Focus on core functions
Manager’s time and skills are generally stretched across a myriad of processes; resulting in poor quality execution of activities. Redirecting non-core activities helps put the focus on mission-critical activities; aligning all operational aspects around these core competencies with more efficient allocation of roles and responsibilities;  in order to drive competitive advantage.

Control operating costs
By outsourcing your non-critical business processes/services to foreign locations; organisations save on operational costs (payroll, power, rentals, and utilities) due to lower labor costs; while availing of a large pool of qualified English-speaking professionals. IT resources are generally a fixed cost to an organisation; however, with outsourcing, organisations use what is needed (variable cost).

Lower infrastructure investments
By outsourcing your complete solution; organisations can save on expensive infrastructure costs. Outsourcing provides access to first-class infrastructure and capabilities, where business processes are delivered by dedicated experienced teams with operational and domain expertise.

Many SMBs do not have the budget or resources required to implement the IT systems (infrastructure/solutions) and services (customer service, call centres and technical helpdesks) they need in-house. Outsourcing IT systems and services allows small organisations to compete head on with larger organisations.

Accelerate migration to new technology

IT service organisations, such as Codec-dss, have the resources and skills to migrate to new/updated technologies; or implement on-time applications; with minimum downtime, and within days of approval. If handled internally, the same project would likely take weeks and involves significant resources (hiring the right people, training, strategy management, project management).

Codec-dss have 30 years’ experience in the implementation of solutions. All of our consultants are Oracle certified bringing enhanced experience, training and quality to a migration project, which will inevitably save time and money for your organisation.

Increase service availability

Outsourcing your help-desk provides 24/7 access for managed service customers; with time difference advantages as well as enhanced customer services.

Enhance risk management

Outsourcing make companies more flexible and agile, meeting the challenges of constant business change and technological advancements. Outsourcing will allow you to share any associated risks with your outsourcing partners, in relation to market fluctuations, or technical changes.