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As organizations adopt Cloud Computing, they will need to define a roadmap that aligns with their own business drivers and clearly identifies their current and future capabilities for delivering IT services.

Cloud adoption requires a conceptual understanding of the basic roles involved; and the relationship between them; in building, deploying to and using the Cloud.

In cloud computing, scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities are delivered as a service to customers using the Internet or an intranet. The most important capabilities are a self-service portal; a pool of shared resources; automated provisioning, flexing, and release of those resources; a facility to meter and charge for usage; and global access.

HP CloudSystem provides these capabilities using the three-layer architecture which enables IT as a service.

Within this architecture:

  • The supply layer provides all the infrastructure services for CloudSystem; this is where the physical and virtual assets reside.
  • The delivery layer provides application service delivery.
  • The demand layer contains the self-service portals and is where services are actually consumed by end users or subscribers.

HP CloudSystem is based on the HP Converged Infrastructure. Employing a shared services model, with pools of compute, storage, and network resources, the Converged Infrastructure is an ideal foundation for cloud computing.

HP CloudSystem offerings cover the full range of cloud models, including:

  • IaaS: infrastructure as a service, in which the computing infrastructure, including physical and virtualized servers, storage, and networking, is delivered as a service.
  • PaaS: platform as a service, where an entire computing platform, including infrastructure and a solution stack and development platform, is delivered as a service.
  • SaaS: software as a service, which makes available not only the infrastructure and the platform, but also software applications running on that platform.