On-Premise Infrastructure

Work with Codec-dss to create a customised on-premise infrastructure Architecture:

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Do you prefer to have control over all systems, operations and data?

  • Do you have an established, dedicated, experienced infrastructure support team?
  • Do you have a solid back-up and security strategy for sensitive data?
  • Do you have multiple departments across various locations with a supporting network infrastructure?
  • Do you require in-depth custom programming or integrations with other programs?

On-Premise Infrastructure could be the right solution for your organisation.

Commercially, you typically have a one off cost for hardware/software with a low recurring Operational Expenses (Opex).

When you factor in initial costs, cloud solutions often appear to be the best option; however, it makes business, security and technical sense for certain applications, such as accounting packages and data storage systems for compliance purposes, to be implemented on premise.

Codec-dss is in the business of empowering business through the design, build, maintenance and re-engineering of IT solutions to address our client’s unique and evolving IT requirements.