Hybrid Cloud

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Are you looking to reduce excess IT costs? Who isn’t?

‘Which is best: hosted vs. on-premise?’

This is a common question organisations may ask themselves. The answer is neither and both.

The key is to find a balance between both delivery models and customise to meet your specific business requirements. It is imperative to identify what makes business, security and technical sense.

Realise the cost savings of a Hybrid Cloud Today!

Most organisations run applications across a combination of public and private clouds (hybrid model); where computing resources are consolidated and shared; reducing excess capacity. The main reason for this is because certain applications require the security and control of a private cloud, whereas it is acceptable to run others in a public cloud.

Significant cost savings can be realised using the hybrid cloud as it supports the industry standards for the flexible migration of data and applications from one cloud to another (portable and interoperable). The agility of deploying applications to the cloud is an additional compelling benefit; where organisations can quickly deploy new services in reaction to market changes.

Run applications where they are most needed and fit best into your corporate infrastructure.

In choosing the most compatible, comprehensive and integrated hybrid solution for your organisation, it is important to understand your organisations infrastructure (present and future requirements), identify business KPIs and the technical feasibility of moving all or some of your applications to the cloud.

The main pull for hybrid cloud solutions is the ability to choose between delivery models while benefiting from quality solutions that are cost-effective.