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Case Study

In the long term Zurich Financial Services could see that Excel was not an option going forward. They required an intuitive solution to support Balanced Scorecard Reporting at all levels of management within the division.

Company: Zurich
Industry: Financial Services
Country: UK, Switzerland
Employees: -

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The Challenge

In the long term Zurich Financial Services could see that Excel was not an option going forward, they could envisage three problem areas which were:
• Gathering information: The Excel based pilot system was effective in supporting the Executive reporting process, but was not capable of supporting Balanced Scorecard Reporting at all levels of management within the division. With Excel, the scorecard production process was over 300 hours per month and as the scorecard progressed and was successful more requests arose from ZFS management for more measures and greater line of sight throughout the organisation leading to the consumption of many additional resources.
• Scalability: With the increasing complexity of the reporting structure and the wish from senior management to see more and more complex reports, a scalable system was required.
• Accessibility: The management information requirements of the group were becoming increasingly complex. The current system was limited to the executive on hard copy and could not be utilised by remote users. Zurich needed a system that allows a distributed user base to access and create reports.


At the end of 2002, a Balanced Scorecard was implemented within the CustomerServices Division of Zurich Financial Services Ltd in the UK. The system was designed as a pilot project to establish the collection of data to report progress against a wide range of key performance indicators for the CSD Executive team for the information contained therein. It was based on Excel spreadsheets and was, therefore, difficult to develop and maintain, especially with respect to scalability and rollout to a wider audience.

The Solution

The Customer Services Division in ZFS Generation supported by ZFS ITS, worked together to source the optimal solution and use state of the art technology. Inflection Point was selected after an exhaustive search of the market by ZFS. The intuitive web interface is used to deliver a Balanced Scorecard implementation across the ZFS intranet. The project took approximately 4 months to implement. The current system is required to support 200 users, which ranges from Team Leaders to Executives.

The Results

One major benefit due to increased efficiency of the system resulted in the improved update speed of the entire scorecard process. Other benefits allowed text notes to be entered along with the numerical scorecard indicators and these notes could be used to produce reporting commentary. Finally the ZFS scorecard was a single, centralised database that held the one and only version of the truth for the Zurich team.

“The system has eliminated the need for managers to develop and maintain local management information solutions, it provides the information that they need to manage their business directly to them.”
Chris Thomas (Head of Mission Control)