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Case Study

In September 2012 Codec was commissioned By Regus to deliver a Budgeting and Planning solution to replace their existing financial management system.

Company: Regus
Industry: Property
Country: Switzerland
Employees: -

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The Challenge

In September 2012 Codec was commissioned By Regus to deliver a Budgeting and Planning solution.


In 2003 Regus implemented Oracle Hyperion Financial Management version 9.3.3 for global financial consolidation and reporting. The widely used HFM system has steadily grown and expanded as Regus has providing much more reporting and analysis than the originally proposed financial consolidation solution. The HFM system grew however the version of HFM and Infrastructure had not moved in parallel with this growth. As a result Regus began to encounter performance and reliability problems n HFM which lead to delays in the month end close and reporting process. HFM is not designed as a Budgeting and planning system.

The Solution

2 weeks into the project as Regus were preparing to announce their results to the financial markets they had a HFM System failure.

Codec immediately mobilised consultants from Dublin and Germany to stabilise HFM.

Regus partnered with Codec to help resolve these HFM performance issues. The approach taken was to review the HFM applications used by Regus in relation to:-

* Analysis and removal of legacy data not required any more or that could be archived.

* Technical review of the Hardware Infrastructure and tuning parameters.

* Review of the HFM application settings and implementation of HFM specific tuning parameters.

* What-If analysis of the introduction of additional hardware into the current environment

The market received their figures and Codec went on to propose and implement a re-architected solution for financial reporting.

Codec has implemented the Oracle EPM Planning solution to provide analysis on non-core financial information which previously was accessed via HFM. This reporting and analysis and budgeting is implemented using Planning.

The Results

Following this exercise Regus have experienced the following business benefits:-

* Improved reliability of the HFM system.

* Reduced downtime.

* Consistent close window and delivery of reports to the business

* Improved confidence in the HFM application throughout the group

* Faster response times.

We also insured that the new architecture had inbuilt redundancy and that performance to the end users was significantly enhanced.

Today Codec provide 2nd and third level support to 260 financial controllers based in Bucharest, Geneva and Manila. 1st line support is handled by resources who were trained by Codec and follow our extensive documentation delivered across all projects