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Case Study

RBS replaced excel based reporting packs with Oracle HFM consolidation tool; providing a single portal for consolidation, reporting and analysis; along with a streamlined month end consolidation process.

Company: Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
Industry: Banking
Country: UK
Employees: -

Solution Featured

The Challenge

RBS required:
• Overall HFM Consolidation and Reporting system
• Group consolidation tool providing a single portal for consolidation, reporting and analysis
• Include supplementary statutory and regulatory data packs
• Enable historic and current data through combined and individual analysis
• Eliminate excel based reporting packs and streamline month end consolidation process
• Provide powerful reporting ability for end users
• Near real-time reporting of consolidated results
• Seamless integration of HFM with Essbase - Real-time or On Demand Custom Financial Analytics
• Delivers single reporting solution for custom financial analytics - Modified dimensionality, merge additional data sources
• Extending HFM with zero impact on the HFM servers - More users, more reports, bigger queries
• Simple and automated implementation - Low cost of implementation and ownership


Codec-dss provide the following services to RBS:- • Day-to-day Support of the existing Infrastructure • Problem and Incident Logging and Issue resolution • Patch Reviews and Applications • Interaction with the functional team to resolve issues and provide support and advice. • Daily monitoring of the Environments Codec-dss regularly liaise with Oracle support (by means of Service Requests), Oracle Product Assurance (PA) and Oracle Development in relation to any issues which may need to be resolved.

The Solution

Codec implemented the following in RBS:
Oracle Hyperion 11.1.2
• EAL – - latest release with security additions/partial snapshots
• Essbase
• SmartView

Within RBS, Code provide technical support on the Oracle platform across 9 Financial Management environments. * The environments are scaled both vertically and horizontally and range from small environments comprising of 9 servers to larger environments which have 27 servers (See appendix A for a sample environment).

All Environments are a mixture of Windows 2003\2008 Enterprise Edition (64 bit and 32 bit) and Linux.

The Results

• It actually works! High data volumes, structures and users passing near real-time queries (60 secs delay on refresh)
• No requirement to export/import HFM data into Essbase
• No requirement for IT involvement in month end reporting cycle - data flows automatically according to the agent settings – near real time reporting from HFM through essbase
• No data is stored in essbase with a standard EAL bridge application – data is stored in EAL data store
• Snapshots can easily be created with an unconnected EAL bridge

• Partial snapshots of HFM applications possible
• Integrate historic and live data sources seamlessly (partitions)
• Easy to set up and maintain multiple bridges – EAL is a plug in to EAS
• Re-map HFM metadata to create ad hoc reporting cubes